April 20th 2014




Skillet Cookie red velvet- chocolate chip cookie, chocolate sauce, chocolate chip- pecan ice cream on the side, fresh fruit9


Ice Cream Sampler pecan crunch, lemon- cheesecake, chocolate chip- butterscotch 8


Berry Cobbler strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, buttermilk biscuit, lemon- cheesecake ice cream 8


Porch “Peeps” giant house- made marshmallows, white chocolate sauce, fresh fruit & powdered sugar 6


Chocolate Chip Pie flaky pie crust, chocolate chunks, chocolate sauce, lemon- cheesecake ice cream 8


Spiced Carrot Cake walnuts, coconut, cream cheese frosting, dulce de leche, fresh strawberries, pecan- crunch ice cream 8


Chocolate- Banana Trifle banana cake, chocolate- cream cheese frosting, fresh strawberries, chocolate chips 8


Pastry Chef:  Sadie Barnard



Cockburns 20 yr. Tawny – 14


Dows Late Bottled Vintage – 7


Founders Reserve – 6


Lillet (Aperitif) – 8



Dessert Cocktails:

Simple Spice – four roses bourbon, spice box whiskey, vanilla simple syrup, cinnamon simple syrup, coffee7


Creamsicle – cruzan rum, solerno blood orange liqueur, vanilla simple, oranges and cream soda8


Hot Buttered Rum – sailor jerry, house made hot buttered rum mix8


Proudly Serving Flor de Volcan Coffee from

Sacramento, CA